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  • elizabeth cassidy

Welcome to my first journal entry of 2023!

It’s taken me a while, but I hope to show up once a month with tales from my life and my art.

I am a mixed media artist from New York and I have been reinventing myself for years , but now I am where I am supposed to be – a full time artist who loves creating using paint, pen and ink and paper.

I also love to be involved in the world and I try to find small and doable solutions to its problems. I like to create art and words that might inspire people, but also offer them some comfort and make them feel visible. Last year, I created art collages and we were able to raise over $900 to help the people of Ukraine.

So, I guess I am an artist with an activist heart.

I hope you will sign up for my journal. I like this term better than “blog.” It feels more personal and more ‘behind the scenes.”

See you there.


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