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I am an award winning mixed media artist who believes that the world is imperfect.

I am imperfect.

My art is imperfect. 


But my messages are clear and precise. 

A dear friend asked me in April 2022, " Where do I come from?'' I thought for a minute and wrote back, "I come from my art: peaceful and messy. Hidden and in your face. All the colors covered up by B&W. That is where I am hiding. Ready to jump out and bring you in."


In 2011, I was co-facilitating a women’s workshop in Manhattan and I accepted a challenge to draw for thirty days straight. While not happy with the initial drawings, something told me to keep expressing my creativity and within a year, I was back to spending more and more time with my first love – creating art with my opinion and passion thrown into the mix.

 The abstract world seems to fit me best because I strive to see things in a slightly different way. When life or the universe is bringing me down, I grab a brush or a pen and paint the world in a way that will lift my spirits.


I am a lover of colors and movement, but I so appreciate the crispness of black & white and stillness. Whether I paint in watercolors or acrylics or draw in ink and colored pencils, my personal success comes from drawing people into my art and my world.  My hope is that my art does cause a reaction in people.

Creating Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution turned out to be the best way to combine what matters most to me:  my art, my words and human rights. 

I may not have been the best student in school, but once I decided to get back into my art, I became a serious student and my art and I grew from such extraordinary artists who encouraged me to strive to be my creative best.  And I get to have this creative life because of them.  So thanks to my amazing teachers: Carla Sonheim, Nicholas Wilton, Nancy Hillis, Lynne Whipple, Cat Bennett, Bibby Gignilliat, and Beth Costello.

 I always knew my inner artist was looking to break free, but life got in the way until I decided to do something about it.

 I am an artist.

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