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little love letters: A Peaceful Revolution

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When I heard about the murders at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2016, I knew that as an artist and writer that I had to do something to put a little love and acceptance back into the world. 

My solution was creating: Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution. These small cards (3 1/2" X 2" - business card size) with my art and messages of hope on them have been mailed all over the world. Each wonderful volunteer leaves a card in different public places for someone to find or can be included in a letter or greeting card. The one true message is to let people know that they matter when they find a card.

We are at 70,000 cards distributed around the world and counting. The world wide pandemic slowed us down, but I am hoping that the wonderful volunteers and new ones will show up again, eager to help spread love and comfort.

I am asking for a donation of $5.00 to cover Shipping and Handling. You can pay by sending a check, or using Paypal or Venmo.

Just email me at: with your name and address and payment method you'd like to use and I will mail you Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution cards in 7 to 10 days.

We can make a difference. We have to make a difference. 


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"Gave one this morning to a friend who is really struggling with what to do next professionally! Then also left one at our table at the restaurant as we were leaving! It feels so good to be doing this." NPS

"I brought my packet of love notes to our favorite coffee shop (books are everywhere here). I placed a card on the table behind me. A lovely woman sat down and eventually we started chatting. Later, she discovered the card and had her husband (who has the beginnings of Parkinson's Disease) read it. She carefully placed it back where she found it. I had my computer up and came here, to your page and showed her your project...told her the card was meant to be hers. "Oh!" she said, "How can I participate?" Next, I realized that I had an entire extra packet of cards with me. I immediately knew they were for her. So now she has them and could not be happier. She said she doesn't get out much, and that us meeting was a blessing."  B S

“Everyone who receives a little love letter card is always so happy. I feel it’s very important in this day and age to show people that you care.” A happy customer. Ellen

"I feel like an elite member of a team of doers of great things. They're stunning. Gave my first one away. 96 degrees here today and my mail lady at work got one taped to a bottle of ice cold water that awaited her arrival. She got as far as the door, stopped, read it and said, "This is why I love you."  She's never said more than a few words to me in three months but I see her work so hard. Gosh, this feels good."  CB

"Look what arrived??!! I'm so excited to place your Peaceful Revolution cards everywhere. A celebration of harmony is about to begin. Thank You" SH

My wish is that everyone who takes home one of these beauties is always surrounded by positive energy in their lives.”  PH

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