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I am an award winning  New York artist, illustrator, writer and a peace lover. UPDATE: We moved to The Berkshires in June 2023 and we love it here!

In 2010, I got back to my art on a dare.  Before that I worked in the NYC advertising field, tried life as a NYC standup comic and writer, shared my opinions as a national blogger, volunteered as the New York Coordinator for Project Linus, became a certified creativity coach, a Reiki Advanced Practitioner and then I wasn’t sure what else I wanted to be.

But my art knew.

 I would like people to know that when you start to get back to your art after a long dry spell, it doesn’t come right back. It is a little annoyed with you for shutting it out for so long. But then a remarkable thing happened. I just told myself to create whatever I wanted to create without any restrictions. And, little by little, my inner artist decided to make another appearance and the two of us have been living happily in the same body since that day. Except when she wears my favorite earrings without asking.

I have been a contemporary mixed media artist since 2009. When another artist instructed me to pick a medium and stick with it, I replied, "Oh really."  I feel right at home with pen and ink, watercolors, colored pencils and I love creating fine art collages and illustrations. I recently entered the world of acrylic painting which is really exciting to me and my hope is to be showing in art shows  and galleries again after I took time off  to work on my answer to hate and discrimination in this world:  Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution. 

I am a graduate of F.I.T where I majored in Fashion Illustration and Advertising Design and I was a creativity coach/teacher at the Art League of Long Island and I am a member of the Huntington Art Council, Art Guild of Port Washington and an artist member of MoMA.

I was  the designer  of greeting cards for the art exhibits at the Nassau County Museum of Art  (2018 - 2022) which include: "True Colors," "Wild Kingdom," "That 80's Show," "Blue," "The Seasons" and "The Energy Project: The Power of Art."

My hope i that you will take a stroll thru my pages and if you would like to purchase my art or would like to talk to me about me creating a painting for your home, or if you have any questions, please send me an email at:   I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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