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The Odd Sisters showed up one day during an art workshop about faces.  I am not a conventional painter so I was amazed when they kept appearing and asking to be given the right to make an entrance.

And who am I to stop them?

I’d like to thank these brave women for showing up and allowing me the privilege of painting them so that they can tell their stories.

The award winning Odd Sisters believe that: "Even if you are a little odd, you’ll always be a sister."

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Would You Like To Become An Odd Sister?


If you see yourself as an Odd Sister, let me paint you as one! A one of a kind painting of you as an honorary Odd Sister will be created by an award winning artist – me!

If you want to become a part of the Odd Sisters (Odd Couple, Odd Brother or Odd Cat or Odd Dog) family, please send a couple of photos along with some of your likes, eye color and your favorite colors. The watercolor and pen & ink painting will be whimsical and abstract, but it is created by being loving and respectful of you as a person.

The painting is 5″ x 7″ and will come to you matted and ready to be framed.

The fee for this one of a kind Odd Sister portrait is $200.00 (S&H is included).. Additional sister (or brother) in portrait is $50.00.

Just email me at: with your information and I will add you to The Odd  Sister Family.



"The Odd Sisters are definitely a gang I wanted to be a part of, and, when my friend, Kat, suggested we become Odd Sisters together, I knew it was a perfect thing for us to do. She’s my West Coast Sister. I’m her East Coast Sister. And, Elizabeth’s incredible talent brought us together as Odd Sisters.  Ann & Kat

I wrote Elizabeth Cassidy asking if she ever does Odd Brother drawings after I fell in love with her Odd Sisters art work. And then I said I would love to see an Odd Brother drawing of me. Low and behold, she wrote back asking me to send her a picture of myself for her to work from. And this is how the first Odd Brother “EVER” came to be…and it’s of me!!! I adore my Odd brother art piece that Elizabeth, created so lovingly. It features a massive David Hughes face in the center, stylized but definitely recognizable as me. And then surprisingly, off to the left of my face she has placed another face, the face of my husband Sean, as if it is coming out of mine, which I found to be very appropriate since we have been together for 41 years now. David & Sean

"From the moment we met Elizabeth & laid our eyes on her incredibly interesting art, we knew we were meant to have her beautiful work in our shop as well as have her in our lives! We are beyond honored to have become two of the 'Odd Sisters'. Elizabeth didn't overlook any details in our portrait and truly captured our characters & spirits.  K&J

Who wouldn't want to be an Odd Sister? It takes one to know one. I came across Elizabeth's artwork through a local Face book group and I knew that I had to have my best friend and I memorialized as Odd Sisters as a birthday gift.       Ann S                                                                    

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