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MyEarly Art Sale

I believe every artist morphs into another artist or two in their lifetime.  I remember when I first got back to living my creative life, another artist told me to pick and medium and stick with it. I do recall walking away and thinking, “Watch me now!” I have explored a lot of different mediums.  I wonder if the mediums that I am working with now will be the medium I chose in a few years. That in itself is part of the element of surprise when it comes to creating. And I believe creating art needs to have an  “element of surprise” aspect to it… otherwise why bother. 

I was going thru some of my earlier works and realized that I would like to get them back in to the world again and into someone’s home who will love and cherish my art. 

So, my Early Art Sale is just that – I will be selling my earlier artistic creations

for  50% off their original price and S&H is free in the U.S.

If you see something you love, please email me at: and I’ll get the art out to you within 5- 7 days! Thanks for stopping by. 

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